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do you do
what I do

I simply do
too much

I remember in torrents
floods of words
gather between my ears

I over-think
I need a small
deserted island
where I can listen to the
ocean speak
breathe and simply watch
the sky
feel my mind clear

I need a place
to be one with the birds
flying by

I need

I sleep very little
as of late

or I sleep quite alot
sleep is a pleasant preoccupation
and then
sometimes it is not

I'd like to find some
cumulo nimbus pillows
to rest upon

I'd like a hammock
in a spacecraft
to know what it like to be
beyond the pull of

its time
slow down

your conscience
is speaking

get unconscious now

I hear the humming of insects
I hear the bees buzz buzz
I hear the ocean waves crashing
I hear the wind as it whistles and howls

a sudden silence
beckons with a
sucking out of the room

lets get unconscious

not a moment too soon.

Copyright Melissa A Howells November 9, 2013
All Rights Reserved By this Author

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