A Synthetic Soul

Far From Home

It's 4 AM and I'm driving
down this foggy road.
There's just one problem.
This one doesn't
lead me back to home.

And it's been a long time
since I've seen my smiling wife
there looking back at me.
With her kind and loving eyes
she waits patiently.

But the days
drag on and on.
The good times come,
but now they're gone.

My window's down and
the cool night air fills my lungs.
It reminds me
That I'm still breathing.

And the world just wants
to steal my breath away.
But my hearts still beating
and my hands still shake.

The days drag on and on
The good times come,
but now they're gone.

I know I'm not the only one
out here, So far away.
So far from my home.

When the sun has set
there's a roof over my head.
Where four walls stand around
an empty bed.

Where I lay
wrapped in memories.
Trapped in between this
place and where I
wish to be.

Laughter of a child, or
a sweet and subtle smile.
An open arms warm embrace,
my beautiful wife's adoring grace.

These are what
fuels the flame
that drives me to fight
on through these days.
Wherein I find myself
Out here, so far away.
So far from my home.

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