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Do not put yourself on trial,
Try to live in self-denial;
Godly wisdom those who endure,
By not going through the wrong door.
Bless the ones when they are tested,
Showing their worth was invested;
And when able to pass the test,
Proving that they have done their best.
They will receive the crown of life,
Surviving in the midst of strife;
And that God has promised the love,
Will shower him from up above.
When someone is tempted never say,
That it is alright to go astray;
It would not be God tempting them,
All of evil He did condemn.
God would never tempt anyone,
Neither the Father nor the Son;
It is their own wild fire,
That traps in their own desire.
Each person is trapped by a lure,
By desires that hunger more;
And they are pregnant birthing sin,
That then causes the death within.
Like a cancer sin starts to grow,
Then through the body it will flow;
Rotting away all the first fruit,
That had been taking a firm root.
Whenever being faced with a trial,
You need to try self-denial;
And start to discipline within,
So you will not be trapped by sin.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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