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The year was 1968 and things everywhere were in turmoil
The world was a mess beyond belief and people were dying
Not only were the newspapers covering the world events

But TV news crews were now filming the events in Vietnam
Regardless of where it happened TV's watchful eye went
Video tapes showed these events back home within hours

Some took a little longer depending on how remote it was
The world would see the event shortly after it happened
Things that may have taken months to see in previous wars

Back at home unthinkable events were happening as well
The assassinations of Bobby Kennedy & Martin Luther king
The riots in Detroit and Chicago's Democratic Convention

And then the correspondents started going out on missions
People back home could see the war in Vietnam up close
Many times these videos were edited to alter the events

Presenting to the people back home a very doctored view
The actions before or after were cut out not to be seen
It wasn't to eliminate the blood or gore of the battle

They showed those back home what they wanted them to see
They'd show video of GI's firing M-16's during the battle
Then they showed the bodies of women, children & old people

Implying to the viewers that they were executed by the GI's
They never once told the viewers that it was done by the VC
And that many had been dead for hours before the GI's arrived

They never mentioned that the VC were fleeing with their dead
And that was the reason that only civilians were found there
Instead they presented to the viewers these GI's were killers

They didn't show the same GI's treating the wounded civilians
Those that had survived this vicious VC raid on their village
Not once did they say they were told the VC did the killing  

They cut out the part with our guys helping the wounded ones
Those villagers who had been beaten, shot and left for dead
Or the GI's giving mouth to mouth to breathe life into them

They never showed them carrying the victims to the helicopters
It just might have led the viewers to see they had compassion
Their message was to be that we were baby killers and murders

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

There are people in this world who will believe anything
they've been told about us Americans and will condemn all
of us who had fought in South Vietnam simply because they
had heard someone else say things about us and what we did
during the war. Many have said it happened and that we were
cold hearted butchers and killers without any souls or that
we had no regard at all for life at all over in Vietnam. In life
some people are extremely ignorant and they profess to all
that they know what really happened there because they saw
it on a TV news report, but in reality they really don't have
a clue what took place or they just have their own views or
agendas. But until they have walked in our shoes and saw it
themselves by being in country with us not at home watching
some edited version the media wanted you to believe, you've
not seen the real version of events as they truly happened
at all. The heart-breaking sights we've seen or the things
that were done to innocent civilians, how can they stand in
judgment of any of us who were there and saw first hand what
had really happened. We did our best to protect and to save
those innocent victims from the brutality that had been done
to these innocent men, women, children and many civilians by
the Viet-Cong and North Vietnamese troops. People can call us
what they want to call us for it does not matter to us since we
were there and they weren't, I was there and saw with my own
eyes what the enemy had been doing and I know too what we had
done as well. So don't try to stand in judgment of us and what
you think we did there from having watched an edited film clip
that was put together by a bunch of liberal left wing so-called
journalists who had their own agendas there in Vietnam. You
may say that these journalist always told the people the truth,
Oh really? You mean just like they still do today in our country?
Just remember this one crucial fact of life, we were there and
you were not and that's the absolute truth of the matter and it
will be God who passes judgment onto us not a bunch of hippies
or cowards who ran away and hid out in Canada or Europe until it
was over and only then did they come back home when Jimmy Carter
gave them all pardons and canceled any arrest warrants for their
cowardliness in running away to avoid being drafted into the Army
to serve in the military defending our nation. Did you know that
William Jefferson Clinton was a draft dodger? I didn't think so!


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