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Blinders And Rose Colored Glasses!

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It's a fact of life can't you see it? Don't you know this fact?
The poems we write are about our lives and what has affected us
You may not like what we write about, but you're not the writer

Every person in this world recalls things they have dealt with
Others may take an opposing view to the subject written about
They had their blinders on or wore their rose colored glasses

Does that mean the writer has lied about things they remembered?
Can anyone absolutely say the incident had never happened at all?
Why is it that the first claim they make is that you are a racist?

Because the one I wrote of was of a different ethnic background?
People will quickly label other people with these tags in life
Hoping if your labeled a racist no one will read your poems here

Poems are our words and memories of the events we lived through
If they don't like a poem here it doesn't mean I'm a racist poet
My poem was about a person who has made many horrible decisions

They may not like my poem but don't try to tell me to change it
The subject of race was never mentioned once so why bring it up?
People have what is known as "Selective Memories" in their lives

Sometimes we will write poems about the times that we now live in
There are those who try to change the view of the subject matter  
When in fact it has never been an issue of race, color or creed

Maybe they feel they can divert attention from the real subject
They will get angry saying my poem makes the President look bad
I have no issues with his background or color just his politics

We write of things that have affected us deeply in our own lives
But some will brand us as racists for having written the truth
They've never taken off their blinders or rose colored glasses

Could it be that they are just trying to hide the real facts?
They fear attention will spotlight the things he's really done
Like his ignoring of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

It is amazing to me how many times people will jump to conclusions about
things that were written of in our poems, especially when it never had a
thing to do with race or someones ethnic background in any way, shape or
form. There's those who will read between the lines seeking out a hidden
messages in our poems or they will feel that the poem we wrote is really
about how we hate someone or something regardless of the fact that it's
the lack of respect for our own Constitution and Bill of Rights that have
constantly been ignored or abused by this current administration that is
really the subject of that poem I had written. Some always feel that if
they label someone as a racist, a radical or a nut case fanatic that the
spotlight will be turned away from the true facts that the administration
has no respect for the Constitution or our Bill of Rights and they don't
believe in the checks and balances that were put in place by our founding
fathers to make certain that one party or the other doesn't take control
of everything and act like a dictator taking all the rights away from we
the people who really run this nation of ours. If I am guilty of anything
at all, it's that I am a Patriot who has fought for and has defended his
nation from all enemies whether they are foreign or domestic ones period.

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Blinders And Rose Colored Glasses!