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Christmas, Bloody Christmas!

The end of November
 Christmas looms ever nearer;
 Gifts required for Buster Boy
Kitty Violette and Keira
As well as those for
Their dads and mums
All to be bought before
The dreaded day comes.
And the ads on the tele
Get ever more extreme
Filling kids minds with
Such expensive dreams.

So, I'm stockpiling the ammo
For my RPG launcher
This time I mean it,
Resolve couldn't be stauncher.
In my para sleeping bag
I'll be  watching the roofs
Alert for the first sound of
Any approaching hooves.
I'll give him a warning
Tell him to pass by
And if he ignores me
Blast him from the sky.

Wonderful visions
Slide through my head
Of him spiralling down
In his burning sled.
The first year will be hard
As the kids wait and wait
Wondering why
Old Santa is late.
But kids are resilient
And pretty soon I feel
It won't take long for
Disappointment to heal

And in time I know
I'll get plenty applause
For ridding the world of
That odious Mr Claus.
Such pleasant daydreams
As I'm on the hop
Plodding around
From shop to shop,
Ever aware as Christmas
Draws steadily nearer
Gifts wanted for Buster Boy
Kitty Violette and Keira.

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Christmas, Bloody Christmas!