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My city, Kingston  upon Hull, 'Ull to the locals, has won the position of the UK  City of Culture for 2017.  After years of  stagnation we are full of hope.

We got the City of Culture
Very good on the whole
But will it bring hope to
Those on the dole.

Will it bring companies
Looking to use our skills
Or will it just benefit those
Looking for artistic thrills.

There's an air of hope.
Our city is in from the cold,
The bridge to nowhere image
Outdated and old.

I hope they're not disappointed
And I hope all goes well
For my poor bleeding city
Has suffered economic hell.

We lost the fishing industry,
 Hedon Road now bleak and bare
Once the centre of industry,
Many companies located there.

We have the national shops
With modern centres all full
But they caused empty units
In the older streets of Hull.

They brought nothing new,
A frustrating situation
As business up and moved
To their modern locations.

The cheap shops
Everything a pound
And the Loan
Sharks now abound.

But we got the City of Culture
Very good on the whole
Please let it bring hope to
All those on the dole.

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