Tattoos in Mayberry

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Not broad, not brash, though 
some say magnetic
still, a man amongst men.
around the world,
Touching many hands.
Sometimes words come free and easy
while playing your favorite song
drawn from a  painful 
though too familiar, experience
He coaxes you to sing along.
Howling from the bleacher seats,.
you start crowing like a bird
connecting with his knowing smile
holding on to every word.
Minstral warrior on the front lines
waging bloody battle 
for what is right.
His mission is to awaken
in some special way
what whispers inside us all
all day and night.

Some say he's a  
a fool, a rogue,
some magicians tool 
traversing dust choked, touring circuit
exploding thunderbolts
in cosmic tribute
a thankless troubadour
who really works it.

To an untrained eye,
he's tattered, overheated
in a  jacket of maroon.
In a small 'c' ' city
those towny swine 
claim he's just an eyesore, a
a bum, without a shoe to shine....,.,
But, many others know the value
of his calling
an actor with a role
playing his part
Bearing lush fruit
planted in barren,
desert lands
with open mind 
and loving heart.

Tattoos in Mayberry
All Rights Reserved As Is By This Author
Buddy Bee Anthony

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