Adikaran's Poetry

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I believe that everything is possible,

If you believe in yourself

nothing is impossible.


I had done a lot of things in my life

Where I went with the idea nothing would be possible

The result turned out to be impossible.


In other times I went with the thought

That I could do it and the result was possible

I feel that one should try to their maximum

capacity to do it without leaving  the goal


If one has the determination and aim for success

it will be achieved and feels that it is possible

I always considered the failures

are the stepping stone for success.


I struggled  a lot in the beginning to accomplish what I am today

If I did not have my goal set I am sure I would not achieve

this in this site or in my life.


If one does not face failures in life they cannot win

same way for me the failure gives me the motivation

to achieve something in life.


One work with his goal and determination to achieve

Then the success will follow in his life

That is the reason I believe that everything is possible.