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Thanksgiving, Worship God

Jesus calls all people to stand in divine union with Him. He asked that we be one with Him just as He is one with the father. This pertains not only to those disciples who were contemporary with Christ but to all who would follow through the ages. This would all be accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit. By the ordinance of humility and the taking of the Eucharist under both species, we become one with Christ truly, in communion and union with Him. In that we are not the same as the most Ancient of Days, we can, by keeping God’s commands, participate in the divine nature. It can be reasoned that if we do actually achieve heaven, and share in everlasting life, we will be experiencing a form of divinization. However, we can never achieve the whole reality of what God is, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. We remain created beings, much as the angels in heaven are, not quite on a par with God. Nevertheless, we can come into harmony with God’s nature and thereby catch glimpses of the divine. This is what is meant by “viewing the beautiful face of God.”
“From one moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, all flesh shall come before my throne,” says the Lord God. But God alone is the Creator of mankind and worthy of our honor and worship. None are to be worshipped before Him. When St. John the Divine of Revelation encountered an angel who offered him visions, he was inclined to bow down before the angel and worship him. The angel’s response was, “Do not bow down before me. Worship God.”