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Written by Stella C Mitchell

December 2013

 Any  man -  born with a skin that bears the seering 
Of the sun - and yet it does no harm - is of an equal worth - as
He who comes in paler tones at time of birth -  from out the womb - 
Made in the image of the living God - as flesh and bone - that 
Bleeds with deep red blood - when that same flesh
Is cut and torn .

He feels the tears and anguish just the same - as if one
Were mingled with the blood of his own brother - wracked 
With pain - and yet - in language - colour and tradition - he 
May be as opposite as one is to the other - but - forgiveness 
Reconciliation and respect - can bring the two - though worlds
Apart - together under the same banner of God's mutual love - as
If they shared the nurture of the same 
Mother - and her blood .

How much good has ever been achieved by bloodshed 
Hatred -  selfish desires or  angry deed ? that turns a
People into worse than any animal could ever be - because 
Of prejudice or racial hate and cruel greed  - None comes to 
Mind - only a sense of hopelessness - seeped in the destruction's 
Aftermath - wrought from the carnage of death's fruitless state -
And vile seed .

But God - in all His mercy draws a man - out of the brokenness of 
Quarried stone - and frees him from the cell of hatred - once inborn - and 
Hones and purges him within the cleansing - humbling fires - and draws
Him out of life's revengeful dross - to bring him forth - a vessel now - through 
Whom a nation -  though once split in two - and drowning in Apartheid - yet - through 
Forgiveness - could become at last as new - no longer fueled or bound 
By prejudice and irreversable 
Pain - disunity and loss .

Nelson Mandela   was such a man .


Thank You Lord , that You chose such a man in Nelson Mandela , who ,
though no saint , did his best to achieve a lasting legacy by bringing 
unity between black and white in the great Nation of 
South Africa . 

May that legacy live on in his memory for many years to come , and 
may both black and white hands hold each other up , with humility 
and peace , each recognising that it is what flows out of the 
heart of a man , that makes a man , and not the colour of 
his skin . 


God bless you all 

Stella ><


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