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There are no words for suicide Don't go there Or take your own precious life and give not any reasons
We have no right to take away our own life, why die? You can always get by 4 eternal life, Jesus Christ

If Christ endured, so can we, see what you can take.. locked up or walking free, there is still you and me
Finding the end and beginning again, down and out - go ahead and shout, sit and see the only way out

Is "just being me" say it again, and you will be alive in whatever it is, when it is pain when it is addiction

When it is loss, or when it is a life of prison. Say it again, "Just being me" A living thing, created to breath

So I am telling you, I've been real concerned and wonder what it is that would make you leave so soon
Black and blank, a nothingness.. how can it be better than this waking moment, no matter how bad it is

Don't leave without insurance, why go away for ever..boom its over, can you stay just day by day and pray
Letting how it is be better than suicide, its a complete dead end. So...
Why? Endure it - whatever life is..

Forget what hurt and stay alert to find how much you learned, you find a purpose .. Turn around to find
Someone else who was left behind, they surely need you, so go over and just say "Hi" "Just being ME"
[with a smile]....In My Eternal Life -
©2013 LeanneDenise Hendley

Written with empathy..not disgust - With those I loved who took their own life in mind, To those I Love Who
Are still alive and possibly having trouble coping with hard times. Don't Want Suicide - Get through the Pain


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`Just being me` a living thing in life.. by LeanneDenise