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Industrial Dispute

Santa stood in the warehouse
Full of nearly empty shelves
Last night they'd been ram raided
By a bunch of discontented elves

Recently infiltrated and recruited
Into an association of packing staff
Whose ideas and demands and wants
Caused Santa to cynically laugh.
He could have held out for longer
That much was very clear
But the clever blighters
Had subverted his reindeer

To make matters even worse
Pushing poor Santa to the edge
The blighters had gone and clamped
His only working sledge

Only thirty days to Christmas
He knew of no other way
Than to meet their demands
For increased shift working pay
He'd do what it took
To bring things back on track
And ensure he had enough
To fill his mammoth sack

He reached for the Gordon's
For one last large stiff gin
Then went to arbitration
With a forced and fixed grin.
Santa would compromise
If their demands weren't too wild;
He couldn't bear the thought
Of even one disappointed child.

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Industrial Dispute