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Twenty One Hundred Days

And a ruptured dream

Haven't seen as much as a 

Loose profile picture 

Or broken peek - in between

Cracks and rocks

Absent hauntings 

While being too camouflaged 

By real purpose. Authentic love.

Please all of you 

Go back into your cracks and spaces

Leave your regrets and mourned faces

With your generic stories

And bland concepts of happy

Everyone rushing 

To be happy

But can't find their own clues

On what's true or untainted 

Time wasted 

On each and every one of you

Don't know your right hand

From your left

Neglected all that love

And useless breath

Good luck

With all that to do

All that 


Of lost energy

Hopeless images 

Cookie cutter norms

All the

Marihuana  junkies

baby daddies 

And fake roles

Pathetic souls

Lost and alone


I've got gold bars 

And brass locks

Encompassing me

At the same time free

From worries or obligations

A crazy kind'o situation

Left me crooked

But tables turning

journals burning

Glitter, Glam, Fame

Life's a funny game

Have fun doing your thing 

Back to my runway

Bang. Bang. Bang.









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