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Today -  if  you  see me in the gutter - you may  pass me by -
Too busy to notice me - but - when I get up again - when I am on
My feet again - You will see me then - no longer cast off and useless -
No longer looking through eyes that cannot see the pretty baubles on the 
Christmas tree - but I will be shining soon - like the most beauteous star -
And when I do - my friend - then I will shine brightly on your path - and 
Notice you - but only 
from afar .

Did you ever know what it was to feel my pain - to lose the very 
Things I thought as gain ? - to love - and then to watch - as it trickled
Through my hands - like many broken dreams - and shattered plans -
Where memories were filled with shades of darkest blues - and sorrows
Passing claim  to all that once was good and true - now gone - with only 
Tears to mark the nameless graves - and 
Thoughts of you .

There are no bottles that could hold the tears of all the sorrows of the 
Passing years - no reservoir  to keep the salty brine than man has shed -
Throughout all time - no record of the wrongs that may have caused the 
Bowing of the downcast head - that cannot see beyond the brokenness of 
Clammy mud - that swallows up each passing hour - and 
Nameless dread .

BUT ........

If only you could see beyond the veil - the One who stoops to touch your 
Weary brow - to show how much He cares - the One who came in human flesh - born
Just as we - to claim the souls of lost humanity - by dying - in our place - on
Splintered tree - forsaken and bereft - and yet - He knew - that in the end the
Price was worth it all - to bear such agony - to save us from the pits of 
Hell - to give us life eternally - and 
Make us new .

So - when you see me rise again my friend - remember me - as one who 
Now is claimed to shine into the dark - and lead the lost and lonely - hurt and 
Bruised - back home again - into the arms of Him who is no longer hanging on a 
Tree - but standing on  that lonely street  - or by the bed of sickness - or out in 
The cold and rain -  and  calling tenderly - I hear your cry - so trust Me in your 
Hour of need - I have not forgotten you My child - but do you still remember Me ?
You always were - and you still are - My very own - My precious - precious 
Shining Star .


I know that sometimes my poems have a meloncholy sense about them 
that may seem hard for some to grasp at this time of year , when we are 
celebrating such a joyous time of our Saviour's birth ... but , not all feel 
the same joy ...

So, this poem is written for the lonely , the vulnerable , the destitute , who 
need to know that there is One who knows all about their plight , and 
is longing to reach them in their time of need .....and
bring them to Himself.


GOD bless ALL my friends on PP with 
Happiness and Joy and Peace 

this Wondrous time .

With love from 
Stella ><


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