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Old Hessle Road

They killed the city here,
Tearing buildings down
Leaving large areas of
Brick rubble strewn ground
To be smothered in concrete
To make industrial estates.
And the people from the houses
Moved to larger council estates

On the fringes of the city,
Whole communities gone.
There, on the fringes of the city
It takes years to form a new one.
And Old Hessle Road is now so
Lonely, deserted, and cold at night.
Apart from the ladies plying
Their trade, a piteous sight

This part of the city is dead,
Victim of a planner's blight
Who just somehow just
Can't seem to get it right.
Now on those outskirts of the city
They are pulling those estates down.
What will they build this time on
New acres of rubble strewn ground?

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Old Hessle Road