Walkin on Air

The Abandoned Library

A musty mist unseen by eyes,
ephemeral wisdom of short goodbyes,
history and fiction espouse the shelves
as my fertile mind into pages delves.

Debris of dreams long forgotten,
chairs and tables begging to be used,
global paths no longer trodden
and flies that spiders summarily abused
the current library patrons comprise;
in fact venerable ghosts float in disguise
as birds and insects lodging in the trees
unwilling to concede they no longer know
the wealth of words abandoned so long ago:
penned power brought mankind to its knees
in legends and poetry of spirits alive;
here entombed with epitaphs galore,
neatly rowed in this ancient archive
of anguished soul-cries through tales of yore.

Today our youth know only malls,
estranged to great poets who roamed the halls
imagination to us availed:
they float online addicted and jailed.

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The Abandoned Library

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