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Making Soup With Sue

I do not have
any culinary skills
and at this rate
I never will

take one turkey carcas
whack it in two bits
find a large saucepan
making sure it fits
add a halved onion
celery, basil, carrot
in fact bits and pieces
of every veg you've got

bring to the boil and simmer
for two hours and strain
discard all the veg,
throw it down the drain
add fresh veg in proportion
and amounts clearly stated
in this recipe book
which is clearly A rated

bring back to the boil
repeat the simmer stage
making quite sure
you're on the correct page
after two further hours
process the bits down
to produce a thickly mess
that looks stodgy and brown

sample with trepidation
season to taste
stick portions in the freezer
so none will go to waste
vow that when hell freezes
and not until then
will you attempt to make
home made soup again

open up a tin
microwave to heat
in less than two minutes
its hot and ready to eat
a dash of soy sauce
and sup it at your leisure
it's the simple things in life
that bring so much pleasure

at this rate
I never will
acquire even basic
soup making skills

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Making Soup With Sue