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Scotland The Brave

So, the Scots will have a referendum
For independence for their land
So breaking up the union
But I hope they understand
That we in the North,
Certainly as far as the Humber mouth,
Have nothing but contempt for
The Posh Boy rulers in the South.

So if you opt for separation,
Which I think you may well do
Can we in the North of England
Come and join in with you.
We'll play Scotland the Brave
Alongside Ilkley Moor B'aht Ďat,
Call us Greater Scotland,
Nothing offensive about that,

And we'll celebrate Burns Night
Instead of St Georges day,
Haggis and Yorkshire Pudding
Be piped in the traditional way.
We'll say goodbye to the South
Land of the Bloated Tories,
And in time we'll sing
Our own Independence stories.

You tried to destroy the North,
Our industries and our pride
Now keep your Financial Services
And enjoy your lonely ride.
Long prosper Greater Scotland
Goodbye to the UK
We'll take our gas and oil
And we'll bid you all good day.

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Scotland The Brave