A Synthetic Soul

Empty Vessel

Sweet water pours from a cup half full
so the vessel can be empty just like the rest of the world.
Alive but not living in the absence of subsistence.
This atrophic existence ellipsis the abysmal affliction
affixed to the duplicitous sense of the existential depiction.

Feeding the desire of the people who are out there just wishing
to be understood when they speak the words that intrinsically
define themselves being as they truly are deep down inside and to be set free
from the ties that bind your hands. So now you can climb out of the shell
that's kept you from being a light that shines its brightest in the darkest of hours.

To help you find your way through this life and that it's always filled with love
for everyone with a cup that's not been poured out upon a thirsty ground,
that's always waiting there coldly to take away everything you've built
with sweat and grit and the blood that's spilled from this body that screams
to feel like a living being.

Proud to speak aloud the thoughts that no longer cloud my vision.
Allowing me to see things clearly without the teardrops filling my eyes.
Because there wasn't another way for me to adequately express the emotions
that tend to cling to every heart out there that's beating. Because it makes me
happy knowing that she understands me when I'm speaking softly as she tells me
that she loves me. While she stands beside me in a world that's not as empty
as it once had appeared to be.

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