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Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Re post December 30, 2013

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Happy Birthday Dad

birthday balloons photo: Rainbow Balloons RainbowBalloons.jpg

It's that time of year again,
Today there is snow instead of rain,
As I think of you, I feel the sting,
Memories of you will forever cling.

Today is your birthday,
In some odd way,
I can hear you say,
"I don't want anything, but please don't forget my birthday."

How could I ever forget, it's your special day,
It will always stay,
I see a few squirrels, scampering around,
Leaping from tree limbs, climbing down to the ground

Although, it seems you have gone away so far,
You light up the sky, you are in every star
You may have taken flight, but you will never depart.
You are right here in my heart.

As I sing, Happy Birthday to you dad,
Know always that you are the best dad I could have had,
I miss you so much,
Wishing I could reach out and touch.

Your endearing words so kind,
Always come to mind,
Dear dad Happy Birthday
Oh, yes indeed more I could say.

ŠJanuary 10, 2014 Janet Irene Griffin

Loving you with all my heart.
In celebration of you.
Candles are lit, in memory of you.

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Happy Birthday Dad



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