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It's a stress that I am old
Hey diddle diddle
One dog's half gold
The other one
Is orange and black
Sometimes we do
Sleep Back to back
Fe Fi Ho diddle Dum
The half-gold dog is still half young
As I could be
If I live way passed 103
Fiddle Dee Dee
My back is hurting
It's a pain that I cannot stand
Until I close my eyes to type
That Rhett takes my gloved hand
Leads me around a Ball Room ornate
Where I am the belle of the night
Put his hand between my chicken wings
Then suddenly the pain goes right
Into his hand
From my back
Because as I imagine that
My chicken wings are swallowed
By the cats
Ob La De Ha Ha Ha
Talk away the pain
Ye Haw
It has to go
It has to stay
It has to get down
On it's knees and pray
To go away
Please go away
O take it now
Send it across the sky somehow
Where I can sit without
I'll do your bid
Your bed
Your flirting
If you so chose
I'll drink your booze
To kill the pain
Or I'll drink mine
Right now
One shot of Jack
To fix my back
The pain will leave
I will stay
Defending my chicken wings
My way
In the middle
In the middle
In the middle
Of the scapula's
Where there are muscles
Well defined and hard
A pair
Two guard
This degenerating spine
Of mine
I give my pain to God
How odd
You say
He wouldn't have it any other way
I am told
It's gold
I believe
Perhaps the pain will leave
And if it doesn't
Pretend it wasn't
Going to take me down today
Because chickie chick chickie
Gonna fly O fly away...

1/14/2014 0147 cj

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