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Screw the West Coast
won't be roamin' out
there, no
Screw the west Coast
and your cross eyed stares

Screw the West Coast,
sorry,  no go.
Screw your snafu face
and your prickly head space.
What a crime
I'm short on time
to whip you into shape.

Screw the West Coast
Can't trick me with
your sweet to sour spew.
Spinning tangled webs
of fine spiders silk.
Mess with this fly's head
I'll make a meal outta you.
dip you in buttermilk.

Screw the West Coast
You put the perfect crime
in my East Coast mind
When I lie awake at night
You were the one who drew first blood
So get jazzed and ready,
for the fight of your life.

Screw the West Coast.
At least the East Coast kept their balls.
While you boldly advertise
how you specialize
in, lamo,, curtain calls.

Screw the West Coast
it's a shell game 
a bait and switch
You didn't invent peace or love
I doubt you even know
the meaning of these words
So, make your wish,
you heartless witch.
I get burnt and buried
into your murky ground.

Screw The West Coast
You throw  fits
how we're damming up your flow
When all you are
and could ever be
is a nasty, slutty, ho
Why don't you ask instead  the burning questions
Who are you?
and what it is
you do not know?

Screw the West Coast
I've tried to get a fix on you.
You're like some fourteen leveled Rubic's Cube
Who could ever figure out
the riddle that is you
When  I've tried 
my face turns ghostly white
to crimson red,
then to a suffocating shade of blue.

Screw the West Coast
You're in too deep
your cover has been blown
Read a book off my book list byatch
and get off your freakin' phone

Screw the West Coast
your vivid colors must've gotten smudged
from missing every day of school
when the other kids drank nectar
from the loving cup

Screw the West Coast
the shwag you are slingin'
The horse you are bangin'
What a junkie's brew
your only claims to fame
are seeing stars from huffing airplane glue.
Screw the West Coast

Buddy Bee Anthony

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West Coast



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