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 ~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`


~*`WELCOME ALL NEW POETS TO OUR POETRYPOEM.COM SITE`*~ Hello Dear Friends .. Fellow Poets .. and New Comers To PP, In Honor of the Beginning of the New Year *2014*, I would like to acknowledge AND Sincerely Thank all poets of PP in grateful appreciation of all PP Members who contribute time and effort in making PoetryPoem a friendly family atmosphere for all writers, Thank you kindly and May Our Divine Lord, bestow upon each of you and your loved ones, abundant blessings of the greatest joy of thankfulness and well being IN THIS NEW YEAR OF *2014* AND FOREVER THEREAFTER! * IMP..UpDate'~*`WELCOME ALL NEW POETS TO  POETRYPOEM.COM SITE`*~ First of all and Most Important... It is noticeable that some of our new poets have not changed their Poetry/Site ID and are still listed with the original Site Number #ID when first signing on.. It is not as attractive to be known as a (number only Poet, or Site) and not as easy to recognize or remember as is a Poet with a Name and Site ID. Any Name (real,  pen. or fictitious) which resembles you or your poetry site with a profile photo as well, FOR SECURITY REASONS, YOU NEED NOT POST A CURRENT PHOTO OF YOURSELF. would greatly enhance your site into becoming much more visibly inviting for readers and fellow poets to visit.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Monique, Tony and Crew have posted many tips (as illustrated above) on the many feature options of PP for you to be able to secure a more enjoyable Site for all to visit! ~ ~ ~ Poetry Prime Poet, Kris Dreamweaver, AND CURRENT WELCOMING COMMITTEE MEMBER, also has many of these posted features and suggestions on his site explaining them in detailed form for your convenience, His site can be accessed by clicking here >>>`KRIS 'DREAMWEAVER' TIPS ON CHANGING YOUR SITE NAME/POETRY ID IN DETAILED DIAGRAM FORM IN HELPING YOU MAKE THE CHANGE, CAN BE SEEN BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW: 'TIPS ON SITE ID CHANGE' `Thank~You, Imp, Message UpDated*Jan*15*2014* by;PPP'Janie/mjfb1954' ~ ~ `````````~~ As A  former Welcome Member and long time (PPP) Sponsor Member, I'd Like To Invite You To Visit Our Poets On Our Last 100 Poetry List, Where You Will Be Able To Find All The Latest Poems, And Meet Some Of Our Talented Writers. From Your Control Panel Page, Click On POETRYPOEM.COM At The Right Top Side Of The Page, Which Takes You To Our On Line Poets, If You Then Click On The Above Choice Of Options, Of 'Poems', It Will Then Take You To The Last 100 Poetry List Of Our PP Authors, With Their Latest Poem And Location Of Their Poetry Sites. Please Enjoy Your Visit, And Be Sure To Contact Any One Of The Poets Of Your Liking, For A Return Visit, Which Is The Best Way To Receiving Critiquing Feedback. If I May Be Of Any Assistance, Please Feel Free To Contact Me Also. Thank-You For Joining Us Here At The Best Free Poetry Site On The Web As You Will Soon Discover. My Name Is Janie, Author Of Sites, poetrypoem.com/mjfb1954 poetrypoem.com/angelic heavenly star and poetrypoem.com/goddesspele. In Extending To You, A Very Warm Welcome Aboard! YOU WILL ALSO FIND PP'S MANAGEMENT TEAM; MONIQUE, TONY AND CREW TO BE VERY RELIABLE AND HELPFUL IN ANY PROBLEMS YOU MAY ENCOUNTER. `Please click PPP"s icon to visit Management Team: `Monique, Tony & Crew Members! `Thank~You! If you are not already a Poetry Prime Poet ~ you can become one `for Only $4.95 a month`. Just Click On The Orange Banner on your site that says `Remove ads from (your name)- upgrade to Poetry Prime - `You'll Be Doing Your A Great Favor In Enjoying The ad/free Flavor Like A Cup Of Good Coffee Starts Your Day So Will Readers Come Your Way Without Interfering Adverts To Be Seen It's Enticing As Coffee With Flavored Cream..  . ~~~~~~ *************** > ~*``THANK YOU TO POETRYPOEM.COM'S FORMER`WELCOME COMMITTEE`*~ FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND STILL DO, IN PROMOTING PP AS A FRIENDLY AND ELITE TOP/NOTCH POETRY SITE FOR ALL MEMBERS... `PLEASE VISIT FORMER MEMBER SITES OF PP'S  WELCOME COMMITTEE! FOR A RETURN VISIT! Thank You! `Abby` 'GLASSHOUSE' `Linda` 'MISTYVEIL' `Cisslyn` 'CISSLYN RAMDEO' `Kris` 'DREAMWEAVER' `Janie` 'MJFB1954' `Elsie` 'POET5170' `Pattie` 'PRINCESSPATTIE' `Angel` 'POET3919' `Harry` 'KOSHERVIKING' `Kathy`'SUNSHINE12' `Janet`'AUTHOR3578' `QueenStarletta`'POET942' `THANK-YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT`! `MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOUR DAY EVERYONE! `UP`DATE EDIT`~ *09*AUG*2012* `REVIEWED *29*JULY*2012* ~~~~~ Newly Updated*Jan*\\*2014*// ``Poetry Prime Member`` 'MaryJane's Poetry' `Never Ending Circle Of Love` `Janie/mjfb1954` ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I WISH FOR YOU A VERY BLESSED DAY `RE-POST 'Thanksgiving Day **2013* FOR OUR FORMER WELCOMING MEMBERS OF PP! ~*`POETRY IS THE CREATION OF BEAUTY`*~ ~`IN WORDS`~ ~*`TRUE POETRY`*~ POETRY IS THE TRUE SECRET ESSENCE OF ONE`S SOUL OF INNER FEELINGS AND DESIRES WAITING TO BE TOLD BE IT HAPPINESS, SADNESS, OR DREAMS TO UNFOLD REFLECTING WITHIN GREAT POETS SINCE DAYS OF OLD.. RECORDED THROUGH THE AGES LIKE THOSE OF LONGFELLOW INSPIRING READERS WITH HOPE AND LOVE EVER SO MELLOW IT WAS NOT MEANT TO DEFAME OR INSULT INTO SHAME FOR VILE LANGUAGE SURELY WILL NOT BRING YOU FAME.. DESCRIPTIVE WORDS ARE THE CHOICES OF A WRITER PAINTING PICTURES AS AN INSPIRATOR OR A FIGHTER WHETHER IT BE FOUL, HOPEFUL OR WISELY SMART IT REFLECTS TO THE READER WHAT LIVES IN A POET'S HEART.. A POET'S WORDS SHALL BE RECORDED FOR AGES TO COME AS WRITTEN POETRY SHALL LIVE ON AND NEVER BE DONE.. *********** `audio` True Colours *** ~`MJB`~ ~ ~ ~ Poem -original copyright- *2008*~all rights reserved ~ ~ ~ GRAPHIC LAYOUT`REVISED:*2011* `Never Ending Circle Of Love` by:`Janie/mjfb1954` a.k.a.~'MJB'~ 'WELCOME ABOARD TO NEW POETS' `Review:**2012*:SEPT:17* *Re*Designed*:*2012*:AUG:30* INSERTED *05/FEB/2012* RePost** 08/AUG/2012* Reviewed:**17/OCT/2012* ****************** *Repost/Imp/Update* for the Inspiring New Year of *2014* **Jan*2014* ********* `PPP Member mjfb1954`    `Thank~You! *REVIEW AND UP/DATED *2014*Jan*14* * A Very Happy and Blessed Prosperous New Year of Love, Hope and Peace To Everyone!*

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