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Between the shopping park
And the still working docks
A discarded stretch that runs
Down to the river and old locks.
Rimmed by the falling buildings,
Fenced off by the new bypass,
Brick strewn and
Sharded with glass,
By the old capstans
That once roped
Sidewinders to quay
There is some hope.

Over the grassed , silted mud
A Kestrel hovers and then
Swiftly stoops, before
Returning to the hover again.
This time it missed
But it's presence shows
Small life now where
This new grass grows.

There are foxes here,
Seagulls screaming,
Background noise to
My day dreaming
Of those days
Maybe when
The last bricks fall and
Nature takes it back again

I hope they leave this
Stretch to slip into decay,
Let the signs of the past
Here slowly slip away
So that in time
Wildlife in its many forms
Becomes the reality,
Becomes the norm.

Just for once
Don't rebuild there.
Leave it to thrive,
For once share
So that, at the town's edge
Let nature abound
As these old buildings
Fall ever faster to the ground

Between the shopping centre
And the still working docks,
That discarded stretch that runs
Down to the river and ruined lock.


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