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I witness myself growing older, wondering if
I will ever develop an ability to endure what
feels so unnatural?
Perhaps there’s a hidden hormone in our internal
chemistry waiting, then suddenly releases its
mobility at a ripe age for coping capabilities?
Repeat after me, I am beautiful on the inside.
Yeah, but that’s even a lie…have you ever
Seen anyone’s insides? Yucky!
All this dread and fear of growing old. As a 
woman who's beauty is questionable. Still, how
am I to live through it without griefs  tight hold?

I’m sorry to say we have all fallen prey and it

plagues us to this day.  Man’s misconception that
he himself is God. Yet in truth he knows himself not
 Regardless of who took the fateful bite out of the
 apple first. Man is still choking, biting off more
then he could chew.
You may ask where am I going with this? Simply
put, the day Man claimed he was God to Woman,
she looked to him as if it were true.
No longer was a woman’s wisdom a measure of
experience and worth nay, Her physical beauty
and who married her took it’s place.
If Man would only stop long enough and Allow
himself to feel.  Step away from the throne

Sit down next to Woman and take a chill pill.  
Not doing so has created self-hatred, born
out of the 
Inadequacy he feels...The inability to
Woman… As if he ever could silly! 

The truth he cannot bare and denies. He hides
behind Power and who's Greed has become an
insatiable beast 
that’s hunger is never satisfied.

If one denies it always denies another and goes

all the way down the line. I’ll explain more of the
story next time. Until then remember to...

Breath in God and Exhale Love 

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