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Las Vegas Coffee Club And Bar

It was always a night of contrasts
At the Las Vegas Coffee Club Bar
At the corner of Louis Street
Where you could park the car.
You could play the tables,
Roulette, Poker, Black Jack,
But only the very naive
Expected any money back.
The Ladies of the Las Vegas
Could be so very very nice
But at the Las Vegas
Everything had its price.

A cosmopolitan mixture
Of visitors and trade
Where for a few hours
Contacts could be made.
And for an agreed fee
You could sit, and talk
Or for the more needy
Take a short, quiet walk
To enjoy the skills of
A young Lady of the Night
(Usually in a car parked
Purposely  out of sight).
Entry to the club
Was always the same,
Sign the Visitors' book
With someone else's name,
After the shutter
Was slid back just a crack
And after a swift look it
Was just as quickly slid back.

And we stood and watched
And thought we were so cool,
Young Jack the lads
Just nobody's fool.
The old Las Vegas,
Entry to a different way,
Long gone now,
From a more innocent day
When The Las Vegas provided
A place for late night life,
In those days of early closing
When entertainment wasn't rife.



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Las Vegas Coffee Club And Bar