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For fifty-five years now we have lived with the past
Recalling those things that can bring many to tears
There finally comes this realization at long last
When you know you will never be rid of those fears

For some it has never changed it's always the same
Wanting it all to go away just doesn't make it so
Wish I had gone to college but no one is to blame
Ours was just a different path where we had to go

That time and place in our history where we had to be
Experiencing how war can destroy ones flesh and bone
For fifty-five years we've lived the memories you see
Time and the dreams have yet to go and leave us alone

We have tried to lay it all to rest where it should stay
Thankful for those in our lives who love us all regardless
Hoping that year from our past will finally go away someday
We still try to move on with our lives and forget that mess

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Another year has started and as the seasons pass us by with
each new day I still wonder when will all these nightmares
finally end, it seems that nothing has really changed over
all these years except for the fact that I don't get quite
as upset as I use to get after I'd wake up in the middle of
the night from another one of those terrifying nightmares.
I'd bolt up with my heart pounding and my lungs feeling as
though they'd explode out of my chest as I tried hard once
again to get out of the path of the incoming mortar rounds
and rockets that were slamming in on our base's positions
exploding with a devastating and most terrifying vengeance.
For those of us who were caught out in the open areas under
that rain of white hot fragments from the rounds exploding
called shrapnel, we flattened out on the ground praying to
God that we wouldn't be one of the next victims from one of
these exploding rounds, being terrified as each round had
impacted closer and closer to you and that we would be also
be zipped up in a body bag to be sent home to our family.
It is still with me every day and still almost every night
and it has been this way ever since that year when we all
had determinedly stood our own ground and defended our air
base and our fellow airman from the attacking VC and we had
faced death too many times during our year long tour of duty
over in Vietnam and yet we were determined to hold onto our
own positions and defend our base from any of their attacks
on us and our brother warriors. It is hard for many people
to comprehend what it was really like for us over there as
no movie I have ever seen has ever captured just what it was
like there or the shear terror that was involved with those
events that we all had faced there, unless you were out there
with us and had faced that terrifying rain of that white hot
shrapnel as we had done during our year in South Vietnam.

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