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No nerve or willingness to serve militarily,
Wanting to rule politically,
Armchair patriots,  
Fiendishly psychotic,
They brag about the Flag they wave,  
As they send other peoples children to 
An early grave,
With flag pinned to their lapels
And their dastardly deeds
Condemning them to hell
In the land of the free home of the brave,
Those who lead this nation
Are a political abomination,
A most despicable kind
Given to deception and crime.
Paupers acting regal 
Hoodwinking the people,
Stealing their way to the top
With no intention to stop,
Millionaires all... 
Never intending to fall,
From their lofty perch on high,
Lying to their constituents
With vile and evil intent
Until the day they die,
Causing families to grieve,
Salaries and the minimum wage to freeze,
As they send jobs over seas,
Bombs bursting in air, 
Leaving the masses in despair,
Technologically gagetized,
Telepathically hypnotized, 
Linguistically mesmerized, 
Never fully able to recognize
How they are continually being
By the Super rich,
They are being given a false bill
Of goods...  by political no goods,
Rabid wolves who should be shot
And put out of their misery,
The masses seek provision,
Fruit and Amber waves of grain,
Purple mountain majesties 
As their government continues 
To bring the pain.
A type of digital death:
Smart phones for a 
Dumb downed people... 
Slaves still in the big house,
Soldiers deployed every where,
Bombs bursting in air,
Criminals in the Congress,
The rocket's red glare... 
The common man is jobless 
And our Flag is still there,
Homelessness has no brakes
And their masters don't care. 
The  huddled masses breathe... 
And exhale...  
From sea to shining sea,
In the land of the slave 
No one is Free.
Habib Abu Lateef


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