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Vive La Difference (ii)

Apparently, as reported in the British Press, the French have banned the usage of Podcast and Podcasting in defence of the purity of their language.  The terms stable door, and horse has bolted, come to mind

It's panic time in Paris,
I'll have to move fast
Ere the language cops get me
For Twittering podcast.
The purity of the language
Such a worthy cause,
Back here in England
A muted round of applause.
The English language usage
Worldwide grows day by day
Because we accept that different
Peoples speak it different ways
Franglais was growing
Much to their despair
So just pass a law
And stop it expanding there.
Congratulations France
Top marks for trying
But maybe your rigidity explains why
 Worldwide your language is dying.
The options are re education
Or a little time inside
The language Police are coming,
So I'll have to run and hide.

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Vive La Difference (ii)