Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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The words I am singing
My soul I can’t sell
They help me get through it
Life, living and Hell
And the two oh they soothe me
My mind, body and nerves
But the third one he tempts me
And leads me to his world
They’re calling me
They’re calling me
They’re calling me
Wine and whiskey and the Devil makes three
Sitting and thinking all by myself
Just alone and drinking
It’s something that I love
And all that I’m seeking
In my life, love, wealth and fame
Oh the Devil he calls me
He knows me by my first name
Yesterday’s wine is half empty in my glass
Like my negative outlook
It’s something I can’t change
And the whiskey it helps me
Dull the razors edge
As the Devil he woos me
And tries to lure me to his lair