Mark Sinnis Lyrics

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She danced by me this morning
Out of the corner of my eye
As I watched her
Oh I could feel her
Feel her go by, oh yeah
With all her elegance she moves
So gracefully on her mystery dance
Flowing like a water stream
I could feel her energy
It flows for centuries
Her hand grew cold long ago
For her there’s no today or tomorrow
Just an eternity, eternity
She’s all alone, oh yeah
Her body is in the graveyard
But her soul is on the prowl
Could be just my imagination
Or just an illusion
But I think she’s real, oh yeah
But do I really want to live
In a world with no tomorrow?
Oh how will it be, how will it be
Where I never grow old
Where the sun never sets
In a world with no tomorrow
Where we always will be
Where we always will be
As she dances by me