What Is A Church

What is a church?
Church is a body
A gathering of members
The gathering of true believers in Jesus Christ

Church is not a building
A true believer should not
And cannot tell you
That if you don't belong to a particular congregation or building
You don't belong to their church
Therefore they can't help you

That is not true
For all true believers
All over the world
Are one true church
As one body
It has nothing to do with a building
Or buildings

Scripture says if possible
We should help all
Especially those of faith

And if only you have a need
And they are not able
To help or provide
Because of lack of resources
Then in the word of God
They are excused
And are not obligated
To help a true believer in Christ

Otherwise it becomes a sin
A very serious sin
Since so many members
Some knowingly others unknowingly
Seem to practice it

A church is a gathering of true believers in Christ
All over the world
Since the begining of time
This is and always was
A true church
The bride of Jesus Christ

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