The Word Jehovah Is An Error

word Jehowah is an error and mispeling
of the word Yahweh
as it was translated and derived from
hebrew letters
hebrew alphabet doesnt have the sound of Jehovah

of couse God undestands
when you say Jehovah
and think of Him
but the fact still remains
the word Jehovah is an error
and mispeling word of Yahweh

Jehowah's witnesses deny that Christ was
The only begotten Son wo existed
with the Heavenly Father before Creation
they deny that the Holy Spirit is a third Deity
of one and only Triune God
Father Son Holy Spirit

they teach that the Holy Spirit is a force
by that they call Christ a liar
for He said in the gospel of John 15 and 16
Holy Spirit is a counselor
a comforter who will come and teach and guide
the disciples
when Christ will go back to the Father

Christ said reffering to the Holy Spirit
that He will testify of Him
He will glorify Him
and that the Holy Spirit willn guide us
He shall not speak of Himself
but whatsoever He shall  hear
that shall He speak and He will show you

obviously what Christ said
is the truth
and what Jehowah's witnesses say is a lie
I hope and pray that people would
see it in their life
Holy Spirit is not just  a force
but is a third Deity
of one and only living Triune God
Elohim Adonai Holy Trinity

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