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In Memory of President Ronald Reagan

I did not always agree with all of the decisions Ronald Reagan had made
while he served as our president, but then I certainly don't know anyone
who would dare to say that he was not a really true blue & red blooded
American patriot either. I had found this video clip of one of Regan's
speeches that he gave concerning the liberal views of all the Democrats
which were far different from the views of most Americans in regards to
our nations future back during his term in office as our President and
it now seems even more of a relevant speech today than during Regan's
term as our President. Especially with the way in which our own current
President Barrack Obama and his super liberal administration seems to be
hell bent on wanting to turn the United States of America into his own
version of a Socialist State. Under his leadership we have seen numerous
violations of our own Constitution and our Bill of Rights and his views
for our nation's future is not what the majority of America really want
for our nation or for our own families or our own citizens either. Now
I wholeheartedly agree with our former President Ronald Reagan on this
subject and I also feel that the time has come for America and her own
citizens to take back over control of our nation and in memory of what
President Ronald Reagan had done during his term as President to end the
Cold War and to make America a much better nation and he had succeeded.
I've posted this video here on my site in hopes that our citizens will
wake from their very own deep slumber and that they will remember when
America was great and she was RESPECTED in the world as I can remember
and that they too will soon realize that it is not too late to change
the direction that Obama has taken all of us here in America and make
her the proud nation that she had always been before Obama took over
the leadership here in America and that she certainly can once again
become and that this time instead of voting blindly for one political
party, that we as Americans will vote this November for a real change
that we never had gotten from President Obama and his Super Liberal
Administration. This November 04, 2014 we will all have the chance to
vote for America's survival, I certainly hope and pray that instead of
just voting blindly along political party lines that we will go to the
polls and vote for America instead of voting for some ego maniac's own
version of what he thinks America should be in his mega ego mindset.
I put my trust & faith that our citizens will make the right decisions
that are desperately needed here in America next week when they vote.
God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In Memory of President Ronald Reagan