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We are introduced to this world as beautiful children
The world outside of our tiny cribs is beyond conception
We will spend many months developing and adjusting here

Soon the day comes as we struggle to take our first steps
As we progress along we even learn how to run and to play
Life is fun and we are protected and we are loved so much

As we get older we have already learned some about life
We have started school and have learned so many lessons
And soon we become such beautiful young girls and boys

We go through our lives as many have done till one day
When we have completed our education and are now ready
We venture off by ourselves and we become our own person

Ready to take on life and take part in it's adventures
To meet new people who will become our life long friends
And we all will share many of these adventures together

We will get married and soon start families of our own
And we will be so excited when we have our first child
We'll watch in amazement this journey that we call life

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

We all have taken this journey called life and one day when
we have our own children, they will go on continuing life's
journey and they will have their own families as well this
is what they call coming full circle and carrying on what
we call life's cycle that we all were part of in this world.

Dedicated to my beautiful wife and our two wonderful children and
our own three grandchildren for they have made this journey through
life a most beautiful and joyous experience and I love all of them.

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