once upon a time
john Mc Guckin
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Lets get a pet. Okay what will we get
How about a cat, a cat! Ah okay, I guess
We could always ‘skin the cat’, what!
Joking, only joking, let’s regress, okay.
We get a cat and we watch it scamper about.
But how about a dog, wouldn’t think of
 skinning a dog, but then again?
Okay joking, let’s regress, okay- a dog, 
We could train a dog, tell it what to do.
Unlike a cat that wouldn’t listen to you.

If you asked the cat to go out and play
One eye would glance your way and you know
What that’s conveys, consists of two words
But dogs, ah ha when they are trained, they’ll
Do  what they’re told, unlike cats. The dog will
Look at you head up and alert, you think it’s anxious
all that’s really happening is the dog thinking- (whatever)

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