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Her Beauty Is A Beast

Her beauty makes me strong
Her beauty makes me weak
She's invading my dreams, I can't sleep
I'm up all night pacing on my feet
I can't see the wrong
She's a beautiful love song
Absolution is what I seek
Oh how long? how long
must I go over this crazy scene?
Her beauty is a beast
Beauty where is my peace?
She got me on a string
I'm a love fiend
Day after day night after night
She got me struggling with all my might
She got me with her teeth
She got a thirsty appetite
I want to go...I want to stay
Is it it day?
She won't go away
Common sense I can no longer obey
Her beauty is a beast
Beauty please don't release me

Copyrights 2014
Robert Anthony James

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Her Beauty Is A Beast