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dear daddy

Mummy I ask you why daddy doesn't care,
Does he not miss me whenever I'm not there?
Does he ever ask himself how I may be today?
Mummy please answer why, he chose to walk away?

Does he ever think of me, does he remember my smile?
I bet he's forgotten it now, for he's not seen it in a while.
I remember how he used to cuddle me and whisper in my ear,
Now he is becoming a memory of someone I once held dear.

I am too forgetting what he looks like and the colour of his eyes,
It seems like only yesterday he went without goodbye,
Mummy doesn't he miss me? What did I do so wrong?
Maybe I wasn't really his special girl like he said all along.

Maybe now he has moved on , and life for him has changed,
I wonder if that's why his plans were always re arranged?
I look at his photograph and still miss him like mad,
Mummy please answer me for I cannot ask my dad.

It has been a 12 months since I saw him last,
Am I just a memory to him that lives within his past?
To me he is my daddy who I wish would get in touch again,
To tell him about my day at school and how we learned about the rain.

I'd tell him all about my friends and all about my teachers,
I'd tell him how at school we're learning  about tiny creatures,
But I suppose he is busy now and it may be a while longer,
So until then I will keep growing bigger, taller, stronger.

Mummy I love you so much and I am glad you're still here,
To hug me kiss me hold me close and fight away my fears,
Daddy wherever you may be please don't let yourself forget,
Each day I change from the little girl I was from the las time that we met.

I am growing ever so quickly; I'm changing quickly too,
Each day I realise I am into something totally unique and new,
So if you wish to have memories with me you must be here to say,
You spent your time making memories being in my life  today.

Vicki Wroe, 23 (C)

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