This Flame is Jesus!

"Whispers Of Worship"

‘Prayer is the key to heaven and faith unlocks the door!'
Yet listening for God's answer requires so much more:
He said, ‘Be still and wait, patiently for the Lord',
Meditate day and night on His holy word.

We read, ‘Draw near to god and he'll draw near to you.'
What's the secret of this message, what is it we must do?
We thank God for His presence and bless His holy name'
Asking that His will be done in our lives to light the flame!

Yes this flame is Jesus and His Spirit is right here,
Teaching and encouraging, driving out all fear:
He knows when our hearts are ready; He knows the day and hour:
Then we'll receive from Heaven His most amazing power!

The Harvest time is ready so go and reap the fields,
See all the churches filled with this fantastic yield:
Our Master of the Universe is waiting patiently
To bless this glorious harvest brought by you and me!!!!!

Copyright Robert Cartwright Davidson 2014

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This Flame is Jesus!

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