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Your love is more vast
than the Atlantic Conjoined with the Pacific
I... You ... A matrimonial find...
Our hearts and minds
A gift from the divine,
Melted into one emotional riff...
A flurry of feelings ...
A spiritual...
Mental, physical, social,
Psychosexual... An inexplicable feeling.
A healing,
As the two become conjoined
Forming "a Lovers Brain"
As we hear "A Love Supreme "
Somewhere in the ether
Blown by John Coltrane,
Swimming adrift in your ocean of love,
Facing... embracing,
Pulled down deep,
Drowning for your love,
Caressed by the sweet torrents of your love,
Swimming safely in the Currents of your love,
Lover, I dare not get too graphic,
Tingling ... Near cataclysmic...
Physically rhythmic,
An emotional Tsunami...
Flooding, Terrific,
A doctor could explain it more scientific,
But keeping it simplistic,
Not going too far adrift,
Not being remiss,
It can start with a single kiss,
Or, a thought one might reminiscent...
As insignificant as a mosquito's sting...
Stimulating the libido,
Striking out of the blue,
All of a sudden like a torpedo,
Guess it's not too hard to follow the footprints of my flow,
Pulled under by torrents,
Swimming safely in the Currents of your love,
The joy of the Conjoined...
Knowing you are there
The togetherness we share

Abu Lateef Babatunde


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