ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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the males have been feminized
Homo sex socially ratified ,
The females masculinized,
Muslims highly marginalized,
Pedophilia running rampant in Western churches,
Racist gestopo thugs
subjecting Melinated citizens to,
Uncalled for ... Public body searches,
Males at home preparing meals,
keeping house
While never complaining,
Staying quiet like a mouse,
Changing diapers and trying to look pretty for his spouse,
Moms at work earnings the big bucks ...
To pay the utilities,
car and mortgage payments and other necessities,
some butter, eggs, milk, cereal and bread,
If the male doesn't have her bath water drawn,
her slippers and robe clean and at her disposal he could end up dead...
From the wifey throwing blows up side his head,
Police eventually removing him from the house
because he's nothing but another pooh butt dead beat dad...
the dirty louse!
Well baby girl,
Let me tell you how its going to go,
As you know from my rap and my flow,
I'm an old school dude from back in the day,
Children, stop reading...
its Recess Tme!
I quit school at an early age because even as a child... I didn't play,
I laugh and I joke,
However, let it be known...
I never play or act silly, I'm one of those old X—Jitterbugs from Philly,
And since I was seventeen I've had my own loot,
I wear spit shined shoes and tailor made suits,
And there ain't no shame in my game,
And I'm going to make it plain,
I'm an old dude but my method ain't crude,
I'll pay all the bills
and you don't have to work anywhere but in this domicle,
But you'll have to get at least one graduate degree
if you want to stay with me,
And all I ask of you is to greet
The he old man with a smile,
I know you were born in a different era,
a different time,
And that there has been a near complete reversal of roles,
But, as I peered into your eyes and saw into your heart,
I observed through months of conversation
That your Lord had blessed you with a spirit of elevation
Making you an intellectually astute young woman
with an apparently old soul.
I'm by no means a wealthy man
but if you accept my proposal,
I'll place at your disposal
All that I own...
And as my wife I welcome you into my home.
As an old soldier
I want to help equip you in the battles that lie ahead.
I want to aid you in fortifying your intellect and spirituality,
To lead you to ancient sources
that will assist you in the process to purify your sole,
As you fight for your life in the trenches
againt the Western nations that stole the gold,
Because you ... my flower are a rare jewel
but with greater worth...
I stand before you Earth...
Your dark Mahogany Man
Sustaining you like the Sun....
As we bow down before the One...
Creator, substainer, maintainer,
all loving, the most kind, the destroyer and decimator...
Need i make it plainer....
Allah Lord of all worlds.

Abu Lateef Babatunde


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