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Burning Candles At Both Ends

He was my friend
For just a few years,
Our friendship cemented 
Over ciggies and beers,
And chatting up birds
On long boozy nights
And standing back to back
In the event of bar fights.
We had an arrangement
That we never abused
We drank on credit,
In the bar we used,
Every other week
When payday came around 
Everybody knew where 
We would be found.
In Elli Buchen's bar 
As we patiently waited
Whilst our tally was
Very Carefully calculated.
With the account settled
That was when
With the first drink
Our tally started off again.
We were last to leave
Every drinking night
And I swear sometimes
It was almost first light.
When his posting came 
We shook hand goodby
Promised to keep in touch
But we neither did try.
Fora little while
I tried to carry on
But it wasn't the same
With him being gone. 
I heard he carried on
Exactly the same
And now and again
I'd hear his name.
I'm pretty certain he's dead
After all these years
From too many ciggues
And too many beers
But he was  my mate,
My very best of friends
When we burned our candles
From the middle and both ends.



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Burning Candles At Both Ends