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I saw the eyes

The frightened, glowing, eyes...

caught in the beams from my headlights.

I heard the thud.

The grinding, halting thud,

the sound of screeching brakes, I halted.

I groped for the door and stumbled out into the snow.

I found the rabbit, still breathing, shallow, bunny breaths.

I cried as I hurried into my garage, tears freezing on my cheeks.

I ran,cradling the still warm body of the soft brown rabbit in my arms.

Close against my coat, near my heart, beating hard with compassion.

I saw the eyes

The frightened, pleading eyes

dreadful eyes, large and accusing

I felt the thud

The halting gentle thud

of a tiny heart still beating.

I wept as I stroked the fur, it’s soft brown camouflage and clothing.

I I felt the broken bones, the shattered broken haunches,would hop no more.

I saw the blood, the dark red damage that I had done.

I rocked the dying rabbit gently, in my cold garage. I held it warm against my coat,

Close against my coat, near my heart, beating hard with repentance.

I saw the eyes

The gently fading eyes

of a quiet soul retreating.

I felt the thud

The hard regretful thud

of the frozen heart within me.

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