Abominable Negro

The abominable Negro,
Prez number "fodie fo"
Only concerned with his own cashflow,
Doesn't give a damn about the average Joe,
He's less legit than Milli Vanilli,
He played you all for silly,
No one any longer believes anything he says,
Unless they are brain dead,
After leaving office,
He should make his hood Hollywood,
To be with the rest of his brood,
To be with the rest of the actors,
His benefactors...
He's done less for Black Folks
Than any of the white males
That preceded him ...
Over the last seventy years
Except for Ragan,
Hinckley should be released
And given a ray gun
Let loose to spray some,
The abominable Negro,
Prez number "fodie fo"
Only concerned with his own cashflow,
His legacy,
He's reached the epitomy of Uncle Thomism,
Samboism to an extreme
A Negro in love
With himself and his version of the ameriKKKan dream,
But the uplifting of Black people
Isn't a part of his scheme,
Doesn't care about Black Folks,
Doesn't care about our situation,
Won't even mention Reparations,
They paid Reparations to the Japanese,
Forced Germany to pay Reparations to the Jews,
But he won't even bring up the subject when it concerns me and you,
When it comes to us Obama says,
"what are yall talking about
that's yesterday's news"
I only listen to Mr. Carter and Beyonce
I'm not a fan of the Blues,
As he hip hops out of the room,
He doesn't give a damn for us,
Break something off in his gluteous maximus,
The Dark Master of the drone,
Killing innocent Muslims in their homes,
Dropping bombs on Libyan towns,
Wanting the oil in their fields,
When are you gonna FREE Imam Jamil,
There are others who have been framed
But the list is too vast to mention them all by name,
Needs to be another American Revolution,
What else will bring about a solution,
Vultures only prey upon the weak,
They gather in DC in flocks,
Where they count their dividends
From insider stocks,
Instead, they should be bound in stocks,
Separated by crime
Punishment, expeditiously and
Righteously accorded,
Water boarded,
Like Muslim are everyday at Guantanamo Bay,
Blue and red neck tie parties,
Let them party till the bottom drops,
Like they did Sadaam Husain,
And like they need to do to John Mc Cain,
The Congress, the Senate and Executive branch,
Are all Vultures, egomaniacal,
It's undeniable,
Their words unreliable,
They should at a minimum be impeached,
They should be recalled,
Or hung by them,
Thrown in a cage to be mauled
They have turned their back
On all of yall...
Does anyone still believe their lying ways,
Speaking of hope and change
When the reality is
Everything has remained the same
That Negro man is deranged
Just another millionaire
Who like the Koch brothers do not care
About the masses
Only the upper classes

Habib Abu Lateef

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Abominable Negro