Many Friendships

Many friendships that I've had
So many of them where not true friends.
Always, wanting something from me,
be it money, understanding or just support.
It was always something that was needed,
but so little given in return.
What ever happen to just plain respect and care?
When ever it was face of my face everything always seem to be okay.
Behind my back, was just a whole different thing.
Thinking and feeling as if I was doing things behind your back.
True Friendship should always be about,
talking, laughing just having a great time.
To always be there to get each others back.
So many friendships that I've had
where never true friends from
the beginning to the very and.
Always so willing to help everyone out,
trying to be there for everyone else.
Never acting as if I was perfect,
but always knowing that I would always get your back.
The difference between them and myself,
is when I gave I gave from the heart.
Never asking for anything in return
but respect and a whole load of trust.
In my friendships that I have had in my life,
never once did I ever steal, lie or even cheat
to get what I may needed or even something that I wanted.
There was never any kind of BS when I wanted to just hang out.
Friendship should never be about who is right
or even who is the better person.
So many friendships I've had in my life
out of all of them I couldn't even count
on one hand a true friend that I ever had.
Friends so be friends though all the good times.
they friendship should pulled them even closer
when they maybe going though they roughest times too.
No friendship will ever be a perfect one,
but turn friends always stay around..
Never to past judgment but to always care,
to try and always be understanding to
everything that is happening in your friends life.
Be it good times or bad, times of joy and times of sorrow.
Friends are friends from the beginning until the end.
I'm sorry if I've made you feel as if I have done
something wrong to you. I apologize if you feel
that I have lied or even had gone to the point
of stealing from you.  I hope some place in
your heart you will try to forgive,
because my dear friend I am the one who should
be forgiving you.
Many friendships I have had in my life time,
never did I ever steal, lie or even tried to
make you feel out of place.
I have been there to always get your back.
How I hope that some how some way we can try
to fix this one friendship because out of all
the friends that I have had in my life,
you and your friendship had meant the most.
It may take some time for it to heal,
but I hope and pray that this one will
be the one that will always last the most.
Because there was never any betrayal that was ever done.

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Many Friendships

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