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As Hard As We Try To Help People Out

As we go through life trying to be all we can be
We help others out along our own path as we travel
We have learned right from wrong good and from evil

Yet it seems that too many times in the recent years
That very few appreciate the things they are given
There is no gratitude for your help just attitude

We were always taught to help those in great need
And it use to be that it was appreciated as well
But not so these days you see things have changed

No one appreciates someone who stopped to help out
They expect it and they demand it from you as well
They have become accustomed to receiving a handout

They have no qualms telling you it wasn't enough
That they had expected more from those who helped
It is always easier to stand with your hand out

There were these two ladies collecting donations
Some people didn't stop or put money in the can
Some gave a dollar or two but I gave ten dollars

Suddenly these two gave me their evil eyed stare
Instead of being grateful for the large donation
They complained saying I was just being too cheap

I felt like reaching in and taking by money back
But with their attitudes they'd have screamed thief
So as shocked as I was at what happened I just left

Thanks to them I will never donate to any group again
You would have thought that it was for their own use
Then again whose to say they really turn in the money

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

I think we have lost our sense of direction in our nation it is
no longer like President Kennedy had said before in a speech the
day he took office as President so many years ago when he said
"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do
for your country". Back then we truly cared about our neighbors
and our communities and for our friends and our fellow citizens
and when they had faced some hard times and they just needed a
small boost to help them get through the rough times until they
could get back on their feet, we would help them out and they'd
appreciate it too. But now days we seem to have way too many who
have found it so much easier to just sit back and take all these
freebies and handouts that the government gives out to them for
just sitting home and doing nothing at all. Then if you hadn't
donated enough money to help them out because you had little to
spare yourself, they will then give you their own bad attitudes
because you couldn't afford to give them even more than you did.
They all have now become what I call the "GIVE ME GENERATION",
because all they know how to do in their lives is to say GIVE ME,
GIVE ME. It's always me first and to hell with everyone else in
their own lives and it has now become a very sad situation indeed
and it is this situation that our current leaders want to keep in
place. You see when many people are no longer working for a living,
they depend on their government handouts to get by and survive for
a living and develop this attitude that if those who are in power
give me my freebies then they will vote to keep those leaders in
power so they can continue to sit home and get handouts instead of
trying to help themselves and their families out in life and our
current leaders keep robbing Peter to pay Paul and continue to get
all the votes that they need to keep their own Political jobs and
cushy benefits and now we have this vicious circle of dependency.

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As Hard As We Try To Help People Out