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The People And The Puppets

Tired of the lies Tired of the puppets
The politicians dangling on a rotten string
and organized corruption love it
More greed- feed for the pigs
They got the people pushing stones
but they're too big
Too little much pain
No substances in the small grains
to work with
They keep trying to dress me
but their clothes won't fit my name
Stay true to your heart
and you'll always rise above it
Souls for sell Soul for sell
Corruption has no limit
Scrapes eternity's well
looking for that very stain
All cares and cries been burned
with the heat of hell
Burned with the heat of hell
There the puppets state their claim...
state their claim in a 4 by 4 cell

Copyrights 2014
Robert Anthony James  

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The People And The Puppets