A Synthetic Soul

Stander By

When I was just a child
I had a mind that just couldn't comprehend.
Seems like such a long time ago now,
when I was just a child.

There was so much out there
that I just didn't know
when I was just a child.

It seems like it was such a long time ago.
I smiled back then all the time
but there was so much I didn't know.

But I seen how things were taking shape.
I knew that I wasn't insane,
and it pisses me off more than you know.
Turns out, times have not changed
people are still the same.

They looked at me as if I were youthful.
like I had just crawled out of a hole.
But I watch you all,
I caught on long ago.

Everyone walking around
like they have someone to entertain.
They show up to entertain
but their eyes give them away.

I don't believe a word you say.
If given a chance there's nothing you wouldn't
take away from the the ones
who are easily fooled.

People are evil.
They're not out to do good.
They will smile in your face,
while they're filled full of hate.

They will lie all night and day.
They're really not listening to a word you say.
They love to whisper little words
behind your back.

Long enough until it hurts.
But you're damn good at keeping a secret
to save yourself from shame.
So you won't be the one to take the blame.
Because you don't want to own up
to the price you must pay.

And it must be such a waste of time
spending so much time,
cheating and telling lies.
All the time you wasted of your life
underneath that shell,
that may just burn in hell.

It would crack if you fell.
You should break your brittle shell.
Before you hurt someone else
and they get you killed.
This is not something that's new
and it's not only you.

I've seen it all my life.
I can read it in their eyes.
But I can't fill an empty life
with more emptiness.

Telling lies...
I would choke from the price
and it's not just you.
There are more than you know.

You tell your lies
they tell you theirs too.
And then you both fake a smile.
Because you can't stand anyone else,
when you can't stand living with yourself.

And this whole world wastes their time.
Saying they're sorry.
Telling a story,
about and event that was meaning full to you.
And they didn't care,..
They didn't care about your story
any more than what theirs meant to you.

But I understand
I've seen this again,
and again.
You can't live with yourself
because your busy looking
for ways to deceive yourself.
Trapped in a job you hate,
the same routine everyday.

A superficial life.
When your sitting in traffic,
developing a habit.
You fill your life with plastic.
You don't need it but you got to have it.

And I can see the sadness
because you think you've become happy
when you deceive yourself.
When the truth is
that not everyone gets to have this.

But they all pretend
to be such good men.
A top notch friend,
but it eats you alive.

It tears down your life.
Such a great disguise
but you're hollow inside.
You'll never regain that which you can't
admit that you never possessed.

But your lie to yourself.
So you surround yourself
by buying trash
and putting it on your shelf.
So you can dust
and appear you have wealth.

But happiness is not
a piece of plastic you can buy,
and put up on a shelf and dust
when you have time.

The amusement dies
I wish I could help
you to become
true to others
and true to yourself.

But inside your mind
your so high
and mighty,
that you don't need any body.

Yet you cheated and you stealed and you squealed.
And now you got money
to go climb a mountain by yourself.
because you don't need anyone else.

You don't need somebody
who's not on the outside
what they are on the inside.

So while your dusting your plastic
and climbing your mountain.
You told your story
and they don't care
to even hear
what you have to say.

Because you're taking away the time
that they could be spending
telling stories about themselves.
Everyone at times presents themselves
but some choose to present someone else.

And no one cares.
So no one heard your story.
No one ever knew you.
You never discovered yourself.
You never trusted anyone else.
so when you die
and only your plastic happiness is left.

You can thank yourself
when it's tossed into the trash.
There will but nothing of you left,
but a little bit of ash.
Spilled all out along the ground.
Where other people step,
without a second thought.

Because you were never lost
because you were so blind,
you never even found yourself.
Like so many others, lost to time.
And no one will see your ghost
with a name that no one's spoke.

Because you never took the time
to do anyone kind.
True joy in life,
comes if you're wise.
It gives a purpose and leaves a smile,
when you sacrifice your time.

When you stand to change a life,
and you don't only choose to do something kind
when your in front of other peoples eyes
and would rather listen
than tell more lies.

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