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Be Good

“Be Good”
Written by Loi in 2013

Do you want to be good?
If yes, what will your life be like?
Do you do well to anyone?
And do you avoid killing anyone?
If you love anyone and don't kill anyone,
Then you are practicing well and being good

You try to be good
You try to do well to anyone
But you keep doing well to anyone
And be good to anyone
That is love

As Paul's beautiful message to Greece
He wants you to be good to anyone
Killing anyone is cold and is lonely in the world
I see you hate to feel cold
You want to feel warm
Then feel warm
Love is hugging you that keep you warm
So don't be a hater
Be a lover
And be good
Be good
Be good
Be good to…

Author's note:

I wrote a beautiful poem to anyone who is being good to anyone unlikely sadly, others hate to
anyone. For example, James Holmes took the 12 people's lives. And I feel hurt to hear the young
women who lost their men. The men were always making their women to feel warm by hugging each
other. This evil man, James, stole the warm of women! I have always wanted a good man in my
life to keep me warm. But as single, I am satisfied but I am happy to have some people who are
in my life keep me warm, my family and my friends.